On this page you can find some of the most relevant research/tools I have done in the field of malware research.


  • [2019] Desjardins B, Mirsky Y, Picado Ortiz M, Glozman Z, Tarbox L, Horn R, Horii HC. DICOM images have been hacked! Now what? American Journal of Roentgenology, In press.

No academic 

  • [2019] Emotet network protocol analysis. This research explains in detail how the network communication protocol used by Emotet to communicate with the C&Cs works
  • [2019] CVE-2019-11687 - Attacking Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) file format standard
  • [2018] Emotet unpacker. Documentation and tools to successfully unpack Emotet malware samples.
  • [2018] Hijacked malware Lokibot.
  • [2018] Spoonfed file infector. Spoonfed is the name of the file infector for x86 arch I wrote as PoC. It uses post-pending technique for the infection.